Lyrics Curator (Remote)

Preferable Location(s): Zuid-Scharwoude, Netherlands
Work Type: Volunteer

We are looking for people to support artists by transcribing and publishing lyrics. In essence, all you need is an account on Spotify. We will provide all of the training / coaching needed.

About the task:

Many artists release music without publishing their lyrics (or they publish lyrics in such a manner that they cannot be displayed in various music services). Some distributors publish lyrics, and often these lyrics do not meet the publishing guidelines... and as a result, the lyrics are not displayed on various lyric websites and digital streaming services that support (dynamic) lyrics.

The curators find lyrics (or transcribe the lyrics themselves), verify & correct the lyrics as needed as per the relevant guidelines, and submit lyrics into special lyric databases that are used by music services. 

The role requires discipline and accuracy. There are guidelines that need to be followed, and the published lyrics need to be accurate. There is no room for shortcuts or sloppy work, because every mistake affects the listening experience of other people.

We often receive lyrics from Christian artists that are submitting their music to us. We are helping more and more Christian artists to manage their own lyrics, in some cases, you may even become part of the artist's team. There are examples where artists have made a small monetary donation to the curator's PayPal account as a way to express their appreciation, but such payments are always voluntary. Your prime motivation is the pleasure of knowing that you are directly helping to increase the listening experience of many fans... as fans will be able to read the lyrics and sing along with their favorite songs. 

Occasionally we receive requests from artists, managers, and labels to assist in publishing their song lyrics. These requests are always paid, and the curators involved in executing these requests receive a significant part of these payments. 

You will have access to a very exclusive support platform that we have for this task. We coach you towards becoming a certified lyrics curator, and help you with any questions / challenges that you may face.

It is up to you how much time you spend each week. It is a very rewarding task to perform.

Any paid transcribing / publishing tasks we receive are forwarded to the lyric curators.

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