Playlist Curator (Remote) for French / German / Italian languages

Work Type: Volunteer

We are looking for people to support us with our playlists in the French, German or Italian language. In essence, all you need is your own account on Spotify to find, screen music, and manage playlists. 

About the task:

As playlist curator, you will be responsible for the Christian playlists (CCM) that we have in your designated language. This responsibility includes creating the weekly content for a language specific playlist, as well as finding & screening music that will be added to the database. We have a system that can duplicate curated playlists on Spotify to playlists on other streaming platforms.

We have a number of resources to help locate new music, but we miss someone who is well aware of the artists/music that is relevant to our audience. Also, some artists may occasionally release non-Christian music... and this is why it is so important that songs are screened before they are added to the database. 

We have made a good start in creating a database of CCM music, but we need someone that is fluent in French, German, or Italian to help improve and expand our offerings. 

How much effort will this take?

Friday is what we call "Release Friday"... it is the day that most artists/labels release their new tracks. Release Friday causes a peak in the workload, and that is when it can take between 15 - 30 minutes to collect and screen all of the new music in the CCM genre. It is then up to you to manage the content of the weekly refreshed CCM playlist in your designated language. The amount of effort this takes will depend on your way of working (between 1 - 4 hours). 

Growth opportunities

There is also an opportunity to expand this role and help artists to transcribe/publish their lyrics in their respective languages. You will first be coached with lyrics in English. Once you have grown your skills with English songs, you can expand this to the languages that you are fluent in. Lyric support requests for those languages will be redirected to you (including monetary compensations that may be due).

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